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French cooking is one in every of the foremost widespread and famed cuisines within the world. It may be thus delicious that it feels like against the law to not relishes it on an everyday basis. however what alternative reasons would there be to like French food?

French food is the best

French food is one of the most popular and famous cuisines in the world. It can be so delicious that it seems like a crime to not indulge in it on a regular basis. But what other reasons would there be to love French food?

1. The French have their own terms for different cuts of meat

The French have invented their own terms for different cuts of meat, such as “filet mignon” for tenderloin steak, “queue de boeuf” for the ribeye roast, and “culotte de veau” for veal stew. These new words were created to distinguish these various cuts from their counterparts in other languages and cultures.

2. Some dishes require a lot of preparation

Some dishes require hours of preparation and cooking time before they are served such as cassoulet or ratatouille. This means that you will need to start preparing your meal well ahead of its planned serving time, but it is worth it because these recipes usually yield impressive results.

3. The French do not use wine in every dish

Unlike many other countries where wine is used in nearly every dish, the French only make use of wine occasionally when cooking some specialties like coq au vin or boeuf bourguignon . This is because wine pairs best with rich sauces that are made from red wines such as Cabernet Sauv

French food has to be fancy

You’d think that French cuisine would need to be expensive, but actually, it’s one of the most affordable cuisines in the world.

The average cost of a meal at a nice restaurant in France is around €30-€50 ($40-$65) per person and typically includes dishes like boeuf bourguignon (beef stew), coq au vin (chicken stew with wine), or cassoulet (a white bean casserole).

French food is famous for being elegant and refined, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You could make the same dish yourself at home with ingredients from your local grocery store and spend far less money than going out to eat.

There’s also no reason to feel bad about making French food at home: if you’re cooking something hearty like boeuf bourguignon, you might even save money by making it on your own instead of going out!

French food is delicious

One of the best things about French food is that it tastes great. There are lots of delicious dishes to choose from, and everyone has their favorite. When you’re eating your meal in a restaurant, you’ll often also be given a basket of bread with some butter. So not only do you get to enjoy your meal, but you also get to enjoy an appetizer as well!

French food makes you smarter

Research has shown that French food can actually help you to be more intelligent. One study, conducted by Oxford University, found that children who ate garlic had higher levels of vitamin B12 and B6 in their blood. This is important because these vitamins are essential for developing a healthy brain in childhood.

Another way that it can make you smarter? It may be the key to a longer life. The French have one of the longest life expectancies in the world, living an average of 82.6 years compared to our 78.5 years. It’s theorized that this is due to their diet, high in plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein from fish and poultry, and low in meat consumption.

This leads us to our next fact about food in France: it’s high in nutrients!

French food is a gift from the gods

It may seem like a stretch to say that French food is a gift from the gods, but it’s true. When Roman emperors were conquering territories, they learned how to make bread and cheese from the Gauls. Through conquest and trade, the ingredients for French food were spread throughout Europe. But the Gauls didn’t just give people recipes; they also gave them wine and olive oil!

French food can’t be beat

One of the top reasons to love French food is that it’s so delicious. The cuisine is flavorful, diverse, and incredibly rich in culture. Many dishes have a provenance that dates back to the Middle Ages, or even earlier!

French food has been said to be “the most profound expression of culinary art.”

We can’t help but agree with that statement. It is one of the best around, and it’s not just because of its deliciousness – there are many other factors that make for an excellent meal.


French food is revered for its sophistication and tastiness. But how did it get to be so good?

It has a rich and complex culinary history that can be traced back to the Middle Ages. But if you’re not an expert in it, here are some of the most interesting facts about this cuisine.

When you eat French food, you’re eating a gift from the gods.